travelgram travel influencer agency

travelgram travel influencer agency

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What is Travelgram

Travelgram is the first European Travel Influencer Agency.

We are a communication and Infuencer Marketing agency who handle the best known Travel bloggers and Instagramers based on national and international territory; it arises from the need to provide support and tools in favour of tourism operators by promoting the holiday product in Incoming and Out Going , not only through the catalogue or targeted web marketing campaigns, but through genuine influencers that will become ambassadors in the world of the travel products to promote.

Specifically, Travelgram, provides assistance and advice to reality operating in tourism , eager to promote themself and therefore to achieve visibility on the Web, through Instagram in the immediacy of a live story directly from the destination.

We represent, select and offer a vast selection of Influencers well-known as Instagramers to match the T.O.s hotels and hosts target. The influencers promote through their social channels the travels, tours, tourist accommodation facilities and everything that the operator wants to highlight

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Who is a Travelgramer

How we select our Travel Influencers

Travelgram, manages the most influential Instagramers , selected for the quality of information, content and credibility. The tourist operator can perceive and view how the vacation in destination is managed; through images that literally capture the "moments in the structure" sending them directly to that instrument - today inseparable - that is "our smartphone".

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Our Philosophy

Travelgram is the first European marketing influencer agency and works Internationally. It, specializing solely in sponsorships of the hotel tourism sector, through its Influencers, aims at the authenticity of promoting the holiday product by showing the ingredients that are the basis of the recipes of tourist operators.

So through the travels of a capillary network of the most influential italian and international instagramers and travelbloggers it is possible to advertise and highlight all aspects of the structure through images and live stories.

"It's as if the structure itself entered into the homes of the followers to give them, a cue from which to leave, for the choice of vacation more suited to their own needs and those of their family."

For the end user, our Influencer will be able to represent a kind of “live catalog” powered by the protagonists of the destination.

The viral aspect of the initiative, it is without doubt comparable to the most effective of the methods of communication and promotion : word-of-mounth; In our case it is word-of- mounth by the photography, and live videos that ignites and stimulates curiosity and so research; it is a concept as you would say nowadays : "instagrammable."

We of Travelgram say Stop, to the predictable palm with hammock on the Caribbean beach as promotional image that has lost all meaning to todays market. Instead we offer promoting throught a live image of what the Chef creates for the Buffet, to the Receptionist that welcomes the customer, to the Cameriera who creates with love and professionalism a towel sculpture usually accustomed on the bed and last but not least a real visual tour of the structure, beach and sea.

Today it is without a doubt the image, rather than the text, that really involves the end user (for us, the Follower) . The photograph is the most effective means of communication to gain the attention of a potential client in the immediacy of the moment.

The potential tourist today definetely needs to see in real time the reality of the organizational, through the eyes of the person in whom he places trust : our Influencer

Our Influencers promote their missions primarily through their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube profiles ; just one click to follow them and showcase their stay in your destination, as they have experienced it.

Our Services

Our Services
Hotels Unsold & Influencers Barter Matching

Are you a Hotel, Resort or airbnb? Optimize your unsold dates in marketing budget by creating promotion and conversions into new bookings.

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Are you an Influencer? Get notifications in target when the unsold rooms of our partners will be put at your disposal, confirm it and depart for your trip for free as ambassador!


A tailored promotion of the tourist product by using the direct selection of influencers to host in order to promote your location in a tailored promotion plan .


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