Hotel Pre-Application Form

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The hotel, partner of Travelgram, signs an influencer marketing promotion based on different subscription models: on-call, monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or annual.

The affiliation between the Host and Travelgram allows the Host to exploit the unsold dates by hosting one or more Web Influencers in their BnB, Dates can be made available or voluntarily blocked with respect to the management calendar of their BnB sales platforms.

The affiliation between the Host and Travelgram will be confirmed following an interview with our sales department and preceded by an intermediation and administration agreement for advertising services provided by Travelgram

Despite multiple tools, platforms, promotions or Last Minute initiatives which allow experienced Hosts to promote their own space in order to fill empty rooms, a considerable percentage of dates remains unsold, and rooms remain empty.

With Travelgram the unsold rooms turn into an opportunity - a conversion about marketing budgets, thanks to its stock -; by establishing the period on the calendar that is usually unsold, the Host can make these dates available on the Travelgram network. Through its control panel, the Host will be able to enter and make available dates not yet sold and dates it wants to be allocated to the promotion, then host an Influencer for its promotion campaign.