Influencer Pre-Application Form

Hello! and thank you for your interest in Travelgram!

This is an application form, it does not confirm your registration with Travelgram.
Once pre-registered, our team will proceed to analyze your profile and, if appropriate, accept you as a Travelgram Influencer and activate your account. You will be sent an email notification with the relevant access data.
You will only be eligible for selection and possible entry into the network if your Instagram account is configured to "Public"; if your account is, or will remain set to "Private", we will not be able to process your application.
If you do not receive an activation email, don’t worry! It just means that, at the moment, you don't have the requirements to promote Travelgram partners!

You can try again in the future when your Instagram profile has grown. Each profile is analyzed with tools ( Fantagram ) to verify the number of followers and interactions, this in respect of our Partners associated with the platform.

The platform, except for special character placements on the market, may not accept @accounts less than 10K.
If your registration is unsuccessful, your data will not be stored.

Good luck!
Team Travelgram ®