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What is Travelgram for the Influencers?

The Influencers are verified by the Network Travelgram and are presented on the market. Each represent a "microworld" characterized by a different Target of Followers. All the influencers in their large or small network of popularity, are in the perfect position to "show by example"; to influence. All this is thanks to their meticulous care of their Social Media, constant interaction with their followers (Followers). They represent a clear point of reference in the selection phase of prospective guests.

The Travelgram Partner Hotels can request a customized promotion mission or enter into the Network guaranteed rooms for stays. They stays can be of different duration - with last minute stand-by rooms available if they are compatible with the Partner Hotels’ needs. Once a new mission has been entered (Room available) and the promotion criteria established by the Hotel, the appropriate Influencers will be notified in last minute mode to participate in the mission. WARNING! the promotion request is notified with a very close stand-by; Stand-by is determined by the time the Hotel deems the Room "no longer salable" then "Unsold" and available for the Travelgram Network promotion.

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How it works

Influencers on Trip

Infuencers enrolled in the platform and notified of a new Mission will be able to confirm their presence for the mission.
The application foresees the acceptance of the promotion conditions required by the Hotel. (Number Post, Stories, Tag, Hashtags)
Example Mission Available: Candidatura Open on 5/9/2019 hours 00:30 for a check in 7/9/18 for one night.

The Travelgram Team will examine the profiles that match the Hotel's demands ; the potential Influencer will be able to reserve the mission by accepting the terms and conditions or declining the opportunity.

Once you have identified the right Influencer, you create The Match and start the Promotional Mission.

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