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Are you a Tourist Operator, Hotel, Tour Operator, Airline, Tourism Office or private accommodation host wishing to promote your product through the strong visibility of the posts of our influencers ?

Please fill the field below and wait to hear back from our commercial office. Our experience is now at disposal of Touristic Operators!
With tailor-made Mission, you will have the possibility to select the best influencer for your product . This is an experience that could involve more then one Influencer at the same time , each with different characteristics, target and followers. The guided interaction and the study of #hashtags creates a propagation of the top-level content that brings the product being promoted directly into the smartphone of hundreds of thousands of people.
Travelgram deals with selecting the best Influencers , writing the script of the story, physically accompanying the Influencers during promotion with the help of a moderator / venue coordinator for the management of the promo on site. The purpose regardless of the duration of the mission, is to create storytelling that tells the entire process of holiday or experience ; from waiting, to departure, to re-entry with the memory of the highlights. The 360-degree holiday view, showcase what awaits the Final Customer (Follower) highlighting what the Partner aims to emphasize.
Influencers start their own promotion business and interaction before the mission begins, publishing originals and Stories before, during and after the trip. They promote their whole experience to capture the curiosity of the potential interested clients through the Video / Photo of the experience they are living.
At the end of the Mission, Travelgram, through its analytic platform Fantagram will elaborate a report to the Partner with Insights data about the results obtained by the promotion.

How it works

Influencer experience

@Comfort Experience : A sense of the pleasant experience from the accomodation and its surroundings such as bedrooms, the Spa or the hospitality of the staff. The emphasis is on the attentions to detail care taken by T.O. In other words "sense of comfort."

Food Experience : More then a photo of "food"; Live broadcasts that showcases the dining experience, generates curiosity in content that go around ingredients, presentation and locations.

@Family Experience : The storyline of a digital family, able to show what can be interesting to families, giving reassurance to parents that the accomodation is suitable and take care of the needs of "children"

@Sport & Friends Experience :
The energy and vitality of a group of friends on holiday ; source of ideas for a multifaceted and heterogeneous target.

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