Tour Operator Pre-Application Form

Do you want to increase the Branding, visibility and reservations of your holiday product without budget? Fill out the form without obligation and wait for a re-contact from our sales office!

The Tour Operator, Travelgram's partner, signs an promotion "on call" (to call) agreement for its own line of holiday products in barter mode, thus hosting one or more influencers:

The affiliation, to be reconfirmed following an interview with our sales department and preceded by an intermediation and administration agreement for advertising services provided by Travelgram - allows the Tour Operator to exploit its own inventory of empty / full unsold by hosting one or more Web Influencers , simply establishing when they can no longer be sold with respect to the date of departure of a flight for a package or resort in the case of land only.

Despite multiple tools, platforms, promotions or Last Minute initiatives - more or less effective - they allow tour operators to promote their holiday product in order to close sales, remains, invariably in the Tour Operators' warehouses a considerable percentage of flights and beds (packages) unsold with respect to their own guarantees empty / full.

With Travelgram the unsold product turns into a plus - a conversion into an advertising budget thanks to its stock -; established the package to be allocated to the Stand-By Travelgram, the Tour Operator will be able to make these packages available within the Travelgram network; The T.O, through its control panel, will be able to insert and make available dates not yet sold or to be allocated for the promotion, then host one or more Influencers for its promotion campaign.