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What is Travelgram for Partners

Are you the owner of private quarters and you want to receive more visits to your ad? Enroll as Host on Travelgram!
The Host, Partner of Travelgram, subscribes to an affiliation agreement based on a monthly / quarterly / semestral / annual fee or more simply "on call."

The affiliation-preceded by an intermediation agreement and administration of advertising services provided by Travelgram-allows the Host to enter, according to the availability of the calendar in its sales platforms, its accommodation!
The Host, eager to promote his Accommodation at periods of low season, dare to block certain dates on the calendar and make them available to the influencers of Travelgram.

Despite multiple tools, BnB platforms, promotions or initiatives Last Minute-more or less effective-allow the host to promove in order to close sales, persists in management BNL a considerable percentage of unsold respect of their housing holdings.

With Travelgram the unsold product turns into liquid budget "a conversion into self-sustaged marketing budget thanks to its own inventories" ; established the period for which your accommodation will be available at a promotional hospitality, the Host, through its own control panel, will have the opportunity to insert and make your space available by deciding what category of Influencer it will be to target.
The host, finally, will insert the target link of its BNL platform space used for sale and Infuencer, once arriving at home will promote the sale platform related to that announcement!


How it works

MyBnB Usage Mode

Casa Carina-Florence The accommodation is blocked on the platform that manages its own bookings.
The host inserts photos, description and Link of the Accommodation Inserts the dates in which will host the influencer Check in : 7/2/2019 Check out : 8/2/2019 nominations : 5/2/2019 hours 00:30 The day indicated, Travelgram sends thousands of notifications to Influncers belonging to your Network and correlated according to the promotion needs of Partner and-albeit with a very restricted stand-allows them to stand in trade for a promotion mission at the the accommodation of the Affiliated Host.

In this way, it allows the affiliated Hotel to use a product that would be lost for self-prouting with the presence of one or more Infuencers in the house, converting and downing a considerable marketing budget thanks to a product that would be lost regardless.

Influencers will run for hundreds to join the promotional call and thus will accept the publication conditions established by the Hotel as a "counter-match" for the offering room, converting the promotional activity to visibility and new sales.

Once you create the Match between Hotel and Influencer the game is done and the promotion begins!
Optimize your unsold in marketing budget to create promotion and conversion into new bookings!

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