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What is Travelgram for Tour Operators

The Tour Operator Partner of Travelgram subscribes to a partnership agreement based on a "call" business model or on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual.

The affiliation-preceded by a brokerage agreement and administration of advertising services provided by Travelgram influencers on Travelgram-allows the tour operator to exploit the economic exposure of vacuum / full guarantees on flights and read, therefore, unsold packages, by hosting one or more Web Inluencers, simply by establishing when they themselves can consider them (unsold) as compared to the expected departure date, then, by allocating their allocation to people who they would transform an investment lost in strong visibility and propagation of the product object promo.

Despite multiple tools, platforms, promotions or initiatives Last Minute-more or less effective-allow the Tour Operator to promove in order to close sales, persists in management a sizeable percentage of unsold respect of its own package availability.

With Travelgram the unsold package at the start turns into advertising in favour of the Tour Operator " a conversion into self-sustaining advertising budget thanks to its own pre-purchased inventory ; established the stand-by period of one or more packages, normally intended for sale and against the Network Travelgram, the Tour Operator, through its control panel, will have its way of inserting and making available its product unsold by deciding to what category of Influencer it will be to target.


How it works

Only Stay or Flight + Stay

Explication of how insert a new product : Offer : Hotel Nubian-Egypt-Sharm el Sheik 1 Double Room Open nominations : 1/2/2019 hours 00:30 Stand-by : 10 gg Vol from : Verona Partenza : 10/2/2019 Notti / Days : 7/7 Question : 1 influencer with : 30,000-50,000 Followers 2 Post daily 2 Stories a day The day indicated (opening candidacies), compatible with the predilated subscription, Travelgram sends thousands of notifications to Influencers belonging to its Network and related according to the promotion needs of the Tour Operator and-albeit with a very limited stand-allows them to run for goods for a promotion mission at the given product and to promote.

In this way, you allow the Tour Operator affiliated to use a product (package) that would be lost for self-promobility with the presence of one or more Influencers in the house, converting and downing a considerable advertising budget thanks to an already acquired emptiness / stuffed that would have been lost regardless.

Influencers will run for hundreds to join the promotional call and thus will accept the conditions of publication established by the Tour Operator (question) as a "counter-match" for the package offered, converting the promotion activity into visibility, branding and new potential b2c sales.

Once you have created the Match between T. O and Influencer the game is done and the promotion begins!
Optimize your unsold ad in advertising budget to create promotion and conversion into new bookings by final customers!

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